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Mitch Bland - Lead Vocals
Gary Shaine Horrie
- Drums/Vocals
Josh Thompson - Lead Guitars/Vocals
John Massaglia - Bass/Vocals
TJ Duckwiler - Lead Guitars

The unHandsome Devils are certainly not just a bunch of pretty faces. They are faces that show years of musical confidence. The band boasts some of Central Illinois finest talents in the musical arts and performance. Yes, they are a Rock and Roll band and aren't afraid to show it. But, they are all very diverse musicians as well and that certainly shows in the music that they cover.

What does this mean, you ask? Well... you will get one of the truly most memorable & entertaining shows around. UHD thinks of every show as an actual "concert". That's what people want & expect. "We only use the best sound, lights, stage gear. We don't settle for "sub-par" in our gear or our performance", states Dan Tremblay, bassist of the band. He also states, "I love this band. This is definitely one the best bands I've ever been in. We give our 120% & I think it shows."

When it comes to the songs they perform, there is virtually no limit on what these guys can pull off. They're know for doing anything from Elton John, Van Morrison, Prince to ShineDown, Avenged Sevenfold & Pantera. Keeping the dance floor moving along with maintaining a steady flow of music is their main goal. "Yes, we love to play the heavier music, but each place we play may call for different types of music. We try to read the crowd and cater to what they're looking for. We want people to have a great time at our show." says drummer/singer Gary Shaine Horrie. "Also, we want to get people moving right from the start."

Josh Thompson is a guitarist know to be able to play just about anything AND sing over top of it with a vocal range that is not easily matched. Gary is second to none when it comes to putting on a show on the drums, in which he does effortlessly. Not only is he one of the most stunning drummers you will ever watch & listen to, he is also the lead singer on half of the tunes. Dan Tremblay is as serious of a bassist as they come. He knows his stuff & doesn't hold back one bit. The newest member is Mitch Bland. Mitch came into the band with years of experience in other bands around the area including Rude Awakening & Uncle Pucker. He's established himself as one of the top singers in the area & when the opportunity presented itself, he became part of the group.

Together, they form a combination that is hard to surpass in a "Local Cover Band". The talent in this band is off the charts. It's not surprising to see any of the members "filling in" with other bands when they need a hired gun. Each is a very sought after musician.

The band was formed from 2 very notable players from the Central Illinois, Josh Thompson and Gary Shaine Horrie. Taking up residence in Pekin, both have played in MANY bands around the area & beyond. Gary has been playing in the Peoria scene since the early 90's with bands such as Krankinstein, Braille, The Shake, StepDown to name a few. Josh isn't far behind with his time in the scene with bands such as Rude Awakening, Medicine Man, Braille, The Shake & Uncle Pucker. Dan hails from the LaSalle area, but still is no stranger to the area. Dan's playe the area with former bands Dropt, Infusion, Foil & Sinking In. Currently, the band is a 3pc. Our last guitarist, TJ Duckwiler, moved out to LA to go to Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT). Josh says "I guess he's doing alright, he tested in at the top 7% of his class."

Gary is one of the founders of the current 105.7 house band, StepDown. After a couple years in that band, he got the rare opportunity to join a signed artist. Not just any, but actually one of his favorite bands, Hot Action Cop. "I heard their stuff on American Wedding & the Need For Speed games and been a HUGE fan for a few years already. I think I actually worn the CD out. I think it was actually in my player for almost a year. Somehow, I managed to get my foot in the door & join the band. It's still kind of surreal to me. I had some awesome times with the band & got to tour across the US & play to all kinds of crowds & venues. It was great while it lasted, but Nashville is long drive. Especially when you've got a family waiting at home." Once I was ready to jam locally again, I called up my ol' pal Josh.

Additional Info & Fun Facts about the band:
• Gary played drums for Lava/Atlantic Records recording artist, HOT ACTION COP based out of Nashville, TN in 2007-2008.
• Members of the band have shared the stage with the likes of: Mudvayne, Quiet Riot, Slaughter, 10 Years, Default, George Lynch, Tracii Guns, Warrant, Ratt, Jakyl.
• Gary played drums on a song for SEBASTIAN BACH of Skid Row called "Another Nail".
• Josh & Gary both played in the Budweiser True Music band, "Braille".
• Dan is also a profession sound man which is key to the band's sound.
• Gary also recently played drums for the America's #1 Pantera Tribute band "Cemetery Gatez" for about a year.
• Back even further into the 90's files, Gary was the drummer of the well known group known as KRANKINSTEIN, who played to sold out shows all around Illinois.
• Gary started out his musical career in High School with current Guns 'n Roses & Sixx:AM guitarist DJ Ashba.

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